“...the undisputed king in the lighting category.”

Driven Lighting Group (DLG) is the largest and most well-respected designer, marketer, influencer, and online retailer of aftermarket enthusiast automotive lighting products.

Founded in 2005 and trendsetting since day one, DLG arguably established the market for performance lighting in the enthusiast space. Today, DLG’s portfolio of premium brands canvas all categories, including complete assemblies, bulbs, off-road and accent lighting. The extensive product offerings serve a diverse customer base, all of which is fueled by world-class digital marketing and white glove customer service. Strategic investments in talent, product development, communities, and culture have all compounded into what is now the undisputed king in the lighting category. The DLG team is well-positioned and ready to build upon the success of the platform and continue lighting up the future.

4 Pillars of Success

1 : Branded Products

DLG owns many of the best blue-chip brands in automotive lighting. Each brand covers a different sub-category in lighting and is recognized for best-in-class products. The proprietary product lines are designed and engineered in-house and constantly under development to incorporate the latest and greatest in modern lighting trends and technology. The collective product assortment is unmatched by anyone and sold internationally through all channels, including direct to consumer (DTC) and through authorized installers and dealers (B2B).

2 : Lighting Ecommerce

DLG owns several leading online ecommerce destinations for shopping everything automotive lighting. All house brands are represented with robust stand-alone informational and ecommerce DTC websites. Beyond the brand websites, DLG also operates a portfolio of highly competitive and broadly recognized lighting destination websites, carrying both DLG branded product and a broad assortment of product from respected third-party lighting brands. From wide appeal plug-and-play performance lighting upgrades to obscure hard-core custom lighting components, DLG serves every niche and need across the lighting category.

3 : Social Community

Founded almost two decades ago, it’s no surprise DLG was well ahead of the times having the wisdom to own the largest and most-active online social communities. DLG’s message forum community founded in the early 2000’s and still actively discussing lighting upgrades today. Understanding the value of the voice of customer and the power of influence, DLG went on to acquire Facebook’s largest lighting enthusiast group. And DLG’s YouTube channel is the established authority in automotive lighting. For enthusiasts and shoppers looking for information on what to buy; all online communities connect back to DLG and it’s brands.

4 : Talent

DLG is fueled by highly authentic enthusiasts who are driven to win. Backed with extraordinary experience, our C-suite is stocked with the rare breed car guys who are lighting aficionados loaded with minds that thrive on marketing and business innovation, and work with unrelenting effort to be the best. Trendsetting, leading the pack, achieving the impossible, blowing away expectations, and never looking back, this is how the DLG team rolls. Our awesome company culture was founded on camaraderie and respect, and built with an honest love for teamwork, lighting, and our cult of dedicated customers. DLG is a very exclusive club.

A Letter from the Group

DLG is a company founded in 2005 on the principles of creating high-quality, innovative products and providing unparalleled customer service. We consistently strive to improve and provide new products for our loyal customers.

The DLG team is made up of trusted, authentic and experienced car enthusiasts. Matt Kossoff, co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, is one of the trendsetters in aftermarket automotive lighting. And Chris Nelson, co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, is noted for his development of unique content and creative in the automotive lighting space.

I am a customer-focused leader with a drive to improve DLG for our customers and employees - thereby ensuring that DLG remains the leader in automotive lighting for many years to come. Customer thoughts and feedback are very important to me and I’m always available – please reach out!


Brett E. Lauter
President, Driven Lighting Group

Become a Dealer

The Driven Lighting Group B2B program offers resellers the opportunity to offer the best brands in automotive lighting products to their customers and receive focused support from dedicated account reps, marketing, and customer service. We offer a number of third party brands at discounted rates, and our selection of manufacturer-direct branded products are the most desirable product lines your customers are already asking for today!

  • Access our brands: Morimoto, GTR Lighting, Xenon Depot, S-V.4, Profile Performance and Acme
  • Access third party brands: RIGID, Vision X, Philips, OSRAM, Sylvania, KC HiLites, Diode Dynamics, and more
  • Exclusive Morimoto display promotions
  • Exclusive marketing tools and unique content
  • Advance notice on Morimoto, GTR Lighting and other in-house products
  • Dedicated customer service, tech support and marketing support
  • Live inventory feed
  • EDI capable
  • In stock distribution network – 40 DC’s worldwide

Every DLG B2B account is subject to a strict MAP policy that works to everyone’s best interest around the world to stabilize pricing and offer maximum value. Please review these documents for your information, and complete the signup form below.

  • DLG B2B MAP Policy: Click Here (link coming soon)
  • DLG B2B Terms and Conditions: Click Here (link coming soon)
  • DLG B2B Online Portal: Click Here

If you have any questions or experience any issues with the application, please reach out to us at: support@DLGB2B.com.

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